How This Works

  1. Browse the library & find your ideal piece of music
  2. Click on the song title or download link and select the appropriate license for your project
  3. A unique download link containing your songs WAV audio file will be immediately emailed to you upon checking out



Why should I license music from you?

Think farm to table. Wouldn't you like to know where your music comes from? Much of this music was composed specifically for podcasts and with narration in mind. Most songs are around 2 minutes long and share a similar arc. A clear beginning and ending, a theme, a variation on that theme, a rise or build. The music tends to be emotionally neutral; injecting enough of a vibe without pulling focus away from the story.


May I edit the music?

Of course. Timing music to punctuate or highlight moments is integral to creating a great piece of work. Feel free to make all the cuts, loops, and tweaks necessary to produce the finest end result.


What type of license do you offer?

A non-exclusive sync license; meaning you can use the track within any podcast type media. If you require licensing for another type of use, reach out and we can figure out a custom license.


What are the terms?

Term: Perpetuity
Territory: Universal (or unrestricted)
Media: Podcast; or similar content. 
Reach out for other.

Exclusivity: Non-exclusive

See license terms for more


I like what I hear - but I'm looking for something a little different...

Not really a question, but sure. If you're interested in commissioning an original piece of music, reach out. Let me know what you're looking for and we can work on creating a custom piece of music specifically for the project.


Still confused?

Get in touch.