How This Works

  1. Browse the library & find your ideal piece of music
  2. Click on the song title or download link and select the appropriate license for your project
  3. A unique download link containing your songs WAV audio file will be immediately emailed to you upon checking out



Why should I license music from you?

Think farm to table. Shouldn't you know where your music comes from? This is music composed and sourced directly to you by a relevant, veteran musician.


What type of license do you offer?

I offer a non-exclusive master/synchronization license, meaning you can use the track with any audiovisual media. If you require licensing for a special scenario not covered, reach out and we can figure out a custom license that will work for you.


May I edit the music?

Of course. Timing music to punctuate or highlight moments is integral to creating a great piece of work. Feel free to make all the cuts, loops, and tweaks necessary to produce the finest end result.


I like what I hear - but I'm looking for something a little different...

Not really a question, but sure. Whether I'm at home or out on tour I carry a digital copy of my studio with me and am always actively writing music. Let me know what you're looking for and we can work on creating a custom piece of music specifically for your project.


How long can I use this music?

The license grants you one single use in perpetuity. In other words, you may use it forever - in whichever single instance you choose to incorporate the music. See license terms for more.


What kind of license do I need?

Generally it's pretty easy to know which category your project fits into - but here's another way you can look at this; what is the intent of your project? Will there be brand placement? Is this a demo reel/showreel? Are you promoting something or someone with the intent of gaining clients? If yes to any of these, you'll need a promotional/advertisement license. Is this for a wedding video, graduation, birthday, or some type of life event? Then you should be fine with a $49 personal license. 


Do you offer an educational discount?

Yup. Currently offering a 50% discount to student filmmakers or 501(c)(3) non-profit based entities. Reach out for a discount code.


Still confused?

Get in touch.